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Q1: The ball of my foot hurts after i have been walking as well as my toes sometimes go numb

This sounds like it may be a Morton’s Neuroma. Please call for an assesment and treatment options will be discussed once a diagnosis is confirmed.

Q2: I have horrible bunions (genetic), on both feet and play sports that require running and crouching, am I able to resume these sports after having surgery? I do wear orthotics which have relieved quite a bit of the pain involved but am reluctant to proceed with surgery for fear of losing mobility. I am only 38 years old.

Yes you will be able to resume sports after surgery, the question that must be answered with the exam and x-rays is which surgery.

Q3: How much foot pain is “normal”?

Our feet work hard. Walking puts up to 1.5 times one’s body weight on the foot and the average person walks 1,000 miles per year. Simply standing can put your feet under a great deal of stress and pressure. You may experience your foot problems as pain or discomfort in your feet. However, because our bodies are made up of interconnected systems, misalignments in the foot and ankle can manifest themselves as pain in the legs, pelvis, and lower back.

Sometimes an underlying foot and leg imbalance, that may not be a problem when walking, can become problematic when exercising vigorously or playing sports. These imbalances often lead to foot and leg injuries.

Foot pain (and referred pain resulting from foot problems) of even moderate intensity, whether from regular activity or vigorous exercise, is not normal. Dr. Roy Mathews and the team at Vancouver Podiatry are committed to helping you overcome your foot problems and relieving your pain.

Q4: In the last year I have noticed that my right foot has widened. I find that when I run I am having a problem with losing my toenail on the second toe and it hurts at the ball of my foot. I have also been having trouble wearing any kind of heel as it hurts the ball of my foot. When I run it feels like all the pressure is on that spot. What can I do to help prevent injuries with running as I would like to train for the marathon?

It sounds like you are suffering from a metatarsalgia which is caused by too much pressure under the 2nd metatarsal head. This is a very common condition. I would suggest taking an x-ray to confirm that there is no problem with the bone. If all is well then an orthotic to distribute weight away from that bone when running, may be all that is needed.

Q5: I have had surgery on both my left and right joints in my big toes to have bone spurs removed. I am definitely not completely satisfied, as I do not have increased range of motion in my toes. I have been told I have severe restriction in the joint on my right foot, which prevents it from bending. As a result, I tend to bear my weight on the outside of my foot, which is causing other issues. I would like to know what my options are at this point. A friend gave me your name and I would like to come and see you to find out if there can be anything done to improve my situation. I really hope there might be something we can do as I hate to think what life will be like 10 years from now (I am currently 38).

It sounds to me like you may be suffering from ‘hallux limitus’ which is a fancy name for degenerative joint disease of the big toe secondary to joint jamming. If all you had done was a removal of the spurs, then the cause of the joint jamming was not addressed and it will simply return over time. Please call me for a consultation so that we can address the root cause of your condition.