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Vancouver Podiatry is a clinic with offices in Kerrisdale, where Vancouver podiatrists, Dr. Roy Mathews and Dr. Victor Quintoro offer medical treatments for the foot including sports medicine, surgical and non-surgical treatments for foot pain, custom orthotics and on-site bunion surgery.



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Vancouver Podiatry will help you put your best foot forward, regardless of your age or level of activity and fitness. We specialize in the treatment of the root causes of foot ailments to ensure that once a problem is fixed, it won’t return.

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  • Dear Dr. Mathews,
    This is long overdue….. I wanted to take the time to say thanks again and you were right!!!
    You told us….One day it would get better and we wouldn’t be visiting you in your office 🙂
     I remember when we left you said it would get better and you had done all you could do for our daughter Courtney.  You were right, however, our healing road wasn’t over.  We were referred to the Pain Clinic at Children’s Hospital eventually and last Spring she was cleared. Life as you can see is now where you said it would be.  Courtney wears any shoe she likes, buys shoes from any store and the best part no complaints!!!!!! She knows her foot well and what works for it.  I’m just happy we are back to full smiles.  I also can’t tell you how happy as a parent I am with your technique as her scar is almost invisible.  Great job.

    Michelle and Courtney

  • After being referred to Dr. Mathews, my foot problems have completely subsided, allowing me to continue to play soccer without pain. Anyone who has or has had any foot ailments should definately see what Dr. Mathews has to offer.

    Kevin Harmse, Los Angelese Galaxy

  • Before Dr. Roy performed the ‘Tricorrectional Buninectomy’ I was sidelined from my sport! Now just 10 weeks post-op I am back running and training hard with my sights on the world championships.

    Natasha Filliol, Canadian Tri-athlete