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Dr. Mathews and his associates at Vancouver Podiatry have extensive experience treating the foot ailments of athletes in many sports, and have developed long-term relationships with several professional and national level teams. Vancouver Podiatry specializes in treating active people and athletes for injuries involving the foot and ankle.

There is a definite link between abnormal gait patterns and sports injuries. By controlling the mechanics of the foot and ensuring that the patterns of movement are correct, the risk of injury is reduced and the improved efficiency in their movement allows the athlete to become more proficient at their sport.

Treatment options include:

Video analysis of gait and testing of the musculoskeletal system for muscle tightness and function.

Footwear testing and recommendations on the use of prescription orthotics to control abnormal foot function.

For high-level athletes or patients who have tried various treatments and have seen little improvement, Dr. Mathews uses the F-Scan system to examine the biomechanics of their walking and running.

The F-Scan is a state of the art system that senses bipedal foot pressures using paper-thin sensors placed in a patient’s shoes. The system provides a wealth of information on a patient’s biomechanical profile. It can be used to compare untreated foot motion to that with orthotics, as the sensors can be superimposed on an orthotic. The F-Scan system can also be used to assess why previous orthotics and braces may have failed by analyzing a patient’s gait and comparing to target values.

Common sports-related injuries and ailments treated at Vancouver Podiatry include:

  • Arch strain
  • Pain in the metatarsals (Ball of foot and forefoot)
  • Heel pain
  • Pain in the toes
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Shin splints and other leg pain
  • Aching in the instep, arch and ankle
  • Ankle sprain and strain
  • Sports injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis (pain across sole of foot)
  • Abnormal gait patterns
  • Metatarsal stress fracture
  • Other foot fractures and dislocations
  • Achilles tendonitis (Pain at back of heel)
  • Flatfoot conditions
  • High arches (cavus foot)

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Published on:May 9, 2017
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