» What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a mal-aligned big toe joint that causes inflammation of the overlying skin and soft tissue. Bunion pain is caused by either pressure on the tissues overlying the bunion, or from within the joint itself. Bunions are corrected by realigning the bone and joint of the first metatarsal and then removing the excess bone.

The Tricorrectional Bunionectomy (TCB) procedure is unique in the way it permanently corrects the misaligned bunion joint. TCB provides a stable shifting of the bone with screw fixation thereby preventing a recurrence of the bunion. Following TCB, patients are immediately able to stand and bear weight. They are back into shoes in three weeks and, in most cases, are resuming their regular physical activity by five weeks. This surgery is performed under local, anesthetic in Vancouver Podiatry’s private surgical suite, allowing for a reduced complication rate and a quicker recovery.

90% of bunion surgeries performed by Vancouver Podiatry employ the TCB procedure. Traditional base wedge bunionectomies are reserved for the 10% of bunions that are too severe to benefit from TCB. These procedures require six to eight weeks of non-weight bearing cast immobilization and a longer recovery time.


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