One Size Does Not Fit All

The average person takes thousands of steps each day, which puts a lot of pressure on the feet. This can lead to biomechanical problems with lasting effects. What’s more, everyone is unique and has a distinct walking pattern, which creates the need for customized treatment. There is no “one size fits all” solution to foot problems.

Detects the Undetectable

F-Scan foot pressure measurement technology, allows us to easily and accurately evaluate your unique condition. The state-of-the-art F-Scan system enables us to see inside your footwear and under your feet to properly diagnose your foot problem.

Who needs F-Scan gait analysis?

A digital gait analysis is not necessary for every patient. Gait analysis is reserved for:

  • Complex foot problems which have not responded to conservative therapy including custom orthotics
  • Professional or high-level athletes who are interested in improving their mechanicsGait analysis
    The F-Scan gait exam assesses your condition while you walk and makes customized recommendations based on the data.Foot pressure sensing
    Foot pressure is measured by wearing sensing insoles. The computerized sensors capture the data in real-time as you walk or run (usually on a treadmill). Vivid, easy-to-understand graphics provide you and your doctor with valuable feedback. You will be provided with a handout following the scan that provides you with all of the data, as well as the doctor’s recommendations.
Illustrated representations of the foot precisely locate and demonstrate pressure distribution in real-time. High-risk areas, foot function and gait are instantly identified.