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It's been almost 5 months and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with how smoothly my bunion surgery and recovery went!  I'm not experiencing the pain I had at night before the surgery,  was back in my regular shoes at 3 months and the scar is so faint it can hardly be seen. Thanks again!

Wendy Fuller

“Thank you Dr. Mathews for making time for my foot injury and devising a super thin and lightweight orthotic for my track spikes. I competed in the Heptathlon – 7 events and I had a fun weekend, but the best part of National Championships in Sherbrooke QC was winning gold. I came from behind, in 3rd place after 6 events to run the best 800m race of my life and clinch the National Championship. I have more rehab to do on my foot, that’s for sure, but without the right support in my shoe I couldn’t have competed at all. Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule on your first day back from vacation.”

Sheila Vicic

Dear Dr. Mathews,
This is long overdue….. I wanted to take the time to say thanks again and you were right!!!
You told us….One day it would get better and we wouldn’t be visiting you in your office :)
 I remember when we left you said it would get better and you had done all you could do for our daughter Courtney.  You were right, however, our healing road wasn’t over.  We were referred to the Pain Clinic at Children’s Hospital eventually and last Spring she was cleared. Life as you can see is now where you said it would be.  Courtney wears any shoe she likes, buys shoes from any store and the best part no complaints!!!!!! She knows her foot well and what works for it.  I’m just happy we are back to full smiles.  I also can’t tell you how happy as a parent I am with your technique as her scar is almost invisible.  Great job.

Michelle and Courtney

“I did not think it was even possible to find treatment to end the excruciating pain I would experience every day from having a bunion. Then one day it happened…a simple procedure that lasted a few hours and I was on my way to being rid of the bunion pain forever. That day was eleven years ago. It changed my life. It is possible to end the pain. For the people who had the kind of pain I had…I hope they are able to find you and get the result I did.”


Dear Dr. Mathews,Today is a very happy day for me. I did a 15min warm up walk then a 2min run/2min walk X 4. I had no discomfort whatsoever amd felt like I could have done more. Will continue with caution every other day! Thank you!

Shirley J.

Dr. Mathews, it seems like so long ago that I had my operation but really it’s only been a year. I want to thank you so much for everything you did to make my foot perfect. I know you were fixing someone else’s work done in the 60’s in South Africa and that your methods were so far advanced from what I had before. I only wish it was you who had done my previous operations as I know if you had I would not have had to have it done again. Your staff members in New Westminster were amazing. They took my endless phone calls with a smile, at least I think they did, and I thank them for that. I just needed constant reassurance that I would be ok and they gave it to me. Thank you to you as well for seeing me so many times during last year, again, to reassure me all was well when I panicked that something was going wrong. How many times did you tell me my foot was NOT going to fall off? I look back and smile. I have absolute faith in you and thank you again for all you did.


After being referred to Dr. Mathews, my foot problems have completely subsided, allowing me to continue to play soccer without pain. Anyone who has or has had any foot ailments should definately see what Dr. Mathews has to offer.

Kevin Harmse, Los Angelese Galaxy

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