Dr. Roy L. Mathews Testimonials

 “Thank you Dr. Mathews for making time for my foot injury and devising a super thin and lightweight orthotic for my track spikes. I competed in the Heptathlon – 7 events and I had a fun weekend, but the best part of National Championships in Sherbrooke QC was winning gold. I came from behind, in 3rd place after 6 events to run the best 800m race of my life and clinch the National Championship. I have more rehab to do on my foot, that’s for sure, but without the right support in my shoe I couldn’t have competed at all. Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule on your first day back from vacation.”

Sheila Vicic

“I suffered for many years with large bunions on both of my feet making them look deformed and severely restricting choice of footwear. When I was able to find shoes they were quickly damaged and torn apart by the large bunions on my feet. My feet were a topic of discussion with friends and family. I was advised of numerous instances where bunion surgery was extremely painful, healing was difficult and slow and the results were less than successful. Many of those who had the procedure performed said they would never go through a procedure like that again. Just over a year ago I was referred to Dr. Mathews. During my first appointment, Dr. Mathews quickly put my mind at ease by explaining the process in detail and how it would affect me. Dr. Mathews scheduled and operated on my right foot (the most problematic one) in a timely manner and without complication. I was pleasantly surprised with the minimal amount of pain, the quick healing and the new shape of my foot. Within months I was comfortably walking for miles. Approximately one month ago, Dr. Mathews performed surgery on my left foot. The surgery required was not as radical as for the first foot and it is healing even faster. Throughout the two surgeries Dr. Mathews and his staff were always timely, professional and courteous. I would sincerely recommend Dr. Mathews to anyone who is contemplating bunion surgery.”


“After being referred to Dr. Mathews, my foot problems have completely subsided, allowing me to continue to play soccer without pain. Anyone who has or has had any foot ailments should definitely see what Dr. Mathews has to offer.”

Kevin Harmse, Los Angeles Galaxy

“I saw three different Doctors about my foot problems before being referred to Dr Mathews. Due to his specializing in the field of feet, my feet are back on the field of my specialty…..playing soccer, pain free!”

Steve Kindell, Whitecaps

“Before Dr. Roy performed the ‘Tricorrectional Bunionectomy’ I was sidelined from my sport! Now just 10 weeks post-op I am back running and training hard with my sights set on the World Championships.”

Natasha Filliol, Canadian Tri-athlete

“In late August I came to your practice to have a mole removed from my foot. During that visit, you noticed the very tight toe muscles and tendons on top of my feet and the tendency to hammer-toe. I subsequently mentioned to you that I have always suffered from blue/bloodied toes as a result of my cross country skiing, no matter what different ski boots I was using, all of the right size. You suggested that I would benefit from orthotics, which I pursued with you in September. In November, I started my on-snow training as a competitive Masters cross-country skier using for the first time ever my orthotics in my ski boots. I am very happy to let you know that after at least 12 training sessions, I have not had any blue or bloodied toes as a result of my orthotics in my ski-boots. Also, I have noticed that my balance, which is an integral part in cross country ski technique, has improved. I am grateful for the advice you offered me.”

Laurens van Vliet, Nordic Racers, Agassiz, BC

“I recently had a bunionectomy with Dr. Roy Mathews. I had a bunion on my left foot for several years. I debated having the surgery, but am happy to report that I made the correct decision. Prior to the surgery, Dr Mathews was very thorough in letting me know exactly what to expect. He was both clear and informative. Although I was a bit nervous prior to the surgery, upon entering the surgery, Dr Mathew’s professional yet friendly manner, put me right at ease. The surgery was quick. I am now three months post op. My foot both looks and feels great. I could not be more thrilled with the process as well as the results. I would not hesitate to recommend the surgery to anyone considering a bunionectomy.”

Janine K.

“Dr Mathews helped me with some plantar fasciitis I was suffering from. The custom orthotics he made for me took away my pain and have allowed me to return to my exercise routine. I can’t say the same for the previous doctor I saw. Dr Mathews was very pleasant to deal with, charged a reasonable amount and got the job done.”

Michael Millman


“Thanks to you I am finally feeling awesome. The run, in 30degree sun, was survivable. In total, it was a great experience, and one I will likely tackle again. My foot has held out great, and day two post, my body is in pretty good shape! Here is a photo to share with your staff.”

Shirley J.

“I did not think it was even possible to find treatment to end the excruciating pain I would experience every day from having a bunion. Then one day it happened…a simple procedure that lasted a few hours and I was on my way to being rid of the bunion pain forever. That day was eleven years ago. It changed my life. It is possible to end the pain. For the people who had the kind of pain I had…I hope they are able to find you and get the result I did.”


“Dr. Mathews, I just wanted to thank you SO much for giving me a cortisone shot for my foot pain a couple of weeks ago. It’s been heaven to be able to walk normally again, and in the past few days I haven’t had so much as a twinge! I will certainly be sharing my experience with everyone I know – including my family doctor, since she apparently had no idea where to send me for help.”

Maggie Grant

I decided to have my bunion removed last year before I turned 40.  I did not have an exercise regime of any sort but my foot was bothering me quite a bit, didn’t fit in shoes properly and ached every night.  After meeting with Dr. Mathews we decided on our course of action.  Luckily my bunion was not so advanced that I could get the lesser surgery.  The surgery went really well, recovery was what I expected.  I only had a few thoughts of “What have I done”, which as I found out later is totally the norm..  After three months of walking in running shoes, I was given the go ahead for heels and exercise.  I want to be very clear that I had never ran or exercised with any regularity before the operation.  I started running with a friend in April.  Gradually my times kept lengthening and I felt myself get stronger.  My foot was holding up very well through this whole experience.  In November of this year, one year and 10 days after having a foot operation I ran my first half marathon.  I have every intention of continuing this adventure and am extremely grateful to Dr. Mathews for his part helping me get here.  Healthy feet feel amazing.  Thank you.

Rachel Chef

For years I experienced pain in the big toe joint of my right foot, especially when walking. My family doctor diagnose osteoarthritis and told me that nothing could be done about it ( basically just put up with it!)  I heard about Dr. Mathews from a close friend and booked a consultation. After a new set of x-rays were done, Dr. Mathews said I had hallux limitus/rigidus in the joint and that something definitely could be done. He explained the whole surgical procedure clearly and answered all my questions patiently. The surgery was done under local anesthetic so I experienced no discomfort. Following surgery, I was up and walking after 2 1/2 weeks and walking greater distances with no discomfort after 4 weeks. I now have a toe joint that moves when I walk. Is 3 months in surgery and I am able to resume all my normal activities pain-free! Dr. Mathews and the staff of very professional and helpful and I would highly recommend this procedure to solve this problem. Thank you Dr. Mathews and staff.


Lorraine Skelton

I think you’ll agree, that as a patient, it is my responsibility to do a little research of my own before agreeing to any surgery.  I think you will enjoy the following read. To get the best “wow” to your day, please read my email shown at the bottom first. Have another great day. Regards, Barb
I am so glad to get your message, as you have been in my mind. I enjoyed our last lunch visit and another is long overdue.
My feet are wonderful and I can’t imagine how closed my life would be if I had not done this.
Hands down, Mathews is the best to do this. I would not contemplate anyone else, EVER.
Yes, I paid $2500 per foot. Worth every cent. Our government has let us down, removing this coverage.
Timing is critical given your travel plans.
Let’s do lunch and we can have a longer conversation on all this. What  is a good day for you? I can hop skytrain, meet you somewhere
Thanks for contacting me. Hope all is well, from the ankles up anyway!
Good morning Christine: I have been seeing Dr. Mathews for a few months regarding orthotics to correct a hip condition. That is largely corrected, and I am quite happy with the results. With that behind me, it seemed automatic to move on and explore the swollen arthritic joint just above my big toe.  He took xrays and advised that I have the area “cleaned up”, with the addition of a small wedge of bone removed to allow the joint to move freely from now on.  Recovery 6 – 8 weeks.  This is the same, or similar to, the bunion surgery he pioneered in California.  We made a date for Feb 5. It was a shock when I learned that it was $2500. It hadn’t occurred to me that I had spiraled out of the regular health system. This may still be a better idea, as I have an emotional and expensive trip planned to see my family in England (some for the last time), planned and paid for in July.  The concern is that if leave this until another orthopedic surgeon can see me, it could worsen and ruin my trip.  Also, it’s quite possible that Dr. Mathews is the best guy for the job, and it’s an investment to get the job done quickly and well. Was your surgery similar to this and do you have any advice or comments regarding the outcome? I hope that you have some thoughts, at least, that may help me.  It’s a lot of money.  However, how your feet are also turn into knees, hips and back later on.


Dr. Mathews, it seems like so long ago that I had my operation but really it’s only been a year.  I want to thank you so much for everything you did to make my foot perfect.  I know you were fixing someone else’s work done in the 60’s in South Africa and that your methods were so far advanced from what I had before.  I only wish it was you who had done my previous operations as I know if you had I would not have had to have it done again.  Your staff members in New Westminster were amazing.  They took my endless phone calls with a smile, at least I think they did, and I thank them for that.  I just needed constant reassurance that I would be ok and they gave it to me. Thank you to you as well for seeing me so many times during last year, again, to reassure me all was well when I panicked that something was going wrong.  How many times did you tell me my foot was NOT going to fall off?  I look back and smile.  I have absolute faith in you and thank you again for all you did. 


Just wanting to add my testimonial to the many, because of both the wonderful experiences I have had with you over the years as a doctor and my wonderfully happy feet! I have seen Dr. Mathews for bunions on both my feet, and for a broken sesmoid bone under my big toe. I got surgery (am just finishing up my second one!) for both bunions.  Both times I went in and came out laughing and in good spirits, who can say that about surgery?? Not only have I been pain free since the first surgery and it looks like the outcome for the second is going to be the same, but Dr. Mathews is an absolute joy to be around, as are the ladies at the front desk. I really don’t mind going in to see him because I know that my foot pain will be taken care of and I’ll leave in a better mood than I entered! Thank you for everything Dr. Mathews.

Hana MacDougall, New Westminster, BC

Dear Dr. Mathews,
Today is a very happy day for me. I did a 15min warm up walk then a 2min run/2min walk X 4. I had no discomfort whatsoever amd felt like I could have done more. Will continue with caution every other day! Thank you!

Paula N.

I am so pleased with the results from the custom orthotic inserts you fitted me with that I would like to submit the following testimonial.

While preparing for the 4 day hike into Machu Picchu I became quite concerned with the foot pain I was experiencing regularly in both feet, preventing me from walking with a normal stride. My GP diagnosed my condition as metatarsalgia and recommended I see Dr. Mathews. My schedule was very tight and Dr. Mathews managed to provide me a set of custom orthotic inserts for my hiking boots the day before our departure for Peru. I wore the orthotics for 4 days before starting out on the hike, and made sure to pack a large bottle of Aleve which I expected to need frequently. I managed to finish the hike, with my 62 year old aerobic system straining for oxygen all the way in the 4000m altitude, but my feet were never a problem and the Aleve bottle remained sealed. Since returning I’ve been wearing my orthotics regularly and my feet have been pain free. I can’t say enough about the great results I am experiencing from the treatment I received from Dr. Mathews.

Jim Greenlaw

Dear Dr. Mathews,
My reason for visit was ‘a-young-growing’ bunion, just at the beginning of its life cycle, causing related problems, promising to cause huge consequences down the road…During the initial consultation Dr. Roy L. Mathews took his time and didn’t try to rush me. He explained me the process of surgery, my options and solutions in a simple way. I was most impressed not only by his personality but expertise and knowledge, and I didn’t not hesitate at all whether to perform the operation on not.
I didn’t feel any pain during operation – local anesthesia worked very well, and I felt relaxed and comfortable. After operation I was even able to walk myself to the car.
As for post-op pain, it wasn’t that big of an issue, and soon had completely gone. During the recovery time I was recommended to contact my doctor anytime I had a question or any concern through his direct e-mail and I did… he was very detailed in answering my questions and concerns.
His receptionist is very pleasant, warm and polite, as well as organized and accommodating.
MY 50 SHADES of FEAR and UNCERTAINTY experienced before the surgery, turned into 100 SHADES of… JOY, COMFORT and PIECE OF MIND after one! Really great doctor.! See him! Highly recommended. You can call me for more details.

Tina Abramenko

 “Dear Dr Matthews,

I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for healing my foot!
It’s been now almost eight months since the last treatment and my foot has been pain free.
I’ve been able to continue the sport I love – beach volleyball – and enjoy the great summer thanks to your successful treatment.
Again, I really, really appreciate your help! Thank you for getting me back on my feet and helping me with my foot pain!”

With warm regards, Brygida Cross