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Hesitant About Bunion Surgery? Listen To These Patients…

If you have a large boney bump on the outside of your foot by your big toe joint, you likely have a bunion. This bump is actually a misalignment of the big toe joint, causing inflammation in the tissue surrounding it. Bunions are primarily a hereditary condition, though they may be made worse by constrictive foot wear. Smaller bunions may cause some discomfort, and may also limit the types of shoes you are able to comfortably wear, as well as how long you spend on your feet, running, working out, our out on the dance floor. As the bunion progresses in severity, it can become associated with arthritis in the big toe, deformities in the second toe and more severe pain. Many people hope that they may find a bunion pain home remedy, but if this foot pain is keeping you from the activities you enjoy, bunion surgery may be the right solution to get you back to your active lifestyle, and bunion surgery recovery may be a lot quicker than you think.

Some people see bunion surgery as a last resort option, because they have heard discouraging stories about traditional foot surgery. If you are looking for minimally invasive bunion surgery, the Tricorrectional Bunionectomy (TCB) offered by the Vancouver podiatrists at Vancouver Podiatry may be the foot surgery you’ve been waiting for. Traditional surgery often required general anesthesia, overnight stays in the hospital, and extended recovery time for the patient. In contrast, the TCB bunion surgery uses a local anesthetic and allows the patient to return home the day of the surgery. Most patients who have a TCB can stand without crutches immediately after surgery, wear shoes within Two weeks, and are back to their regular activities after five weeks. The TCB procedure is designed to restore proper alignment and function while greatly reducing recovery time, promoting a healthier foot in the long term. Most importantly is that the surgery is a permanent fix, the deformity will not reoccur as the joint is permanently realigned.

The TCB bunion surgery procedure is available at Vancouver Podiatry. Vancouver podiatrists, Dr. Roy Matthews DPM and Dr. Victor Quintoro DPM report that 90% of patients undergoing bunion surgery at his clinics opt for a TCB. If you fall within the 90% you will probably be able to return to your regular activities within five weeks. This type of recovery time is a large improvement over previous surgical options.

Of course, every patient and every surgery is different. Approximately 10% of bunions treated at Vancouver Podiatry require a ‘Lapidus type fusion bunionectomy’ as they are too severe to benefit from TCB bunion surgery. Recovery for this procedure is longer and includes up to two weeks in a cast and an additional four weeks in a walking boot.

Schedule a consultation today to find out whether a TCB is right for you. Why not get a head start on a pain free 2015, instead of living with bunion pain that could get more severe with time?

To listen to what Vancouver bunion surgery patients have to say about Vancouver Podiatry’s TCB foot surgery and the reduced bunion surgery recovery time, see the videos below:

bunion surgery recovery vancouver
bunion surgery recovery vancouver


Published on:January 30, 2015
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