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Winter Footwear and Foot Health: Are Your Feet “Winterized”?

With colder weather approaching, you may have packed away your swimsuits and sandals and pulled out the cozy sweaters. You may even have given some thought to winter tires. But have you paid any attention to your winter footwear and foot health? Thinking about function and fit will keep your feet healthy through the winter months. The shoes you need for running the Seawall are very different than the ones you need when running in from the cold to make you Zumba, cross-fit, or spin class.  Thinking about function and fit will keep your feet healthy through the winter months. Consider how your shoes need to perform during the winter. Are they waterproof? Do they have enough support and warmth? Are the grips on your shoes appropriate for the activity you are using them for?

Look at the pattern of wear on the shoes. If your shoes are wearing out faster on one side, consider giving your feet the support they need with custom Vancouver orthotics . The rain makes for slippery footing. Footwear with support and stability can help prevent slips and falls. To test for the right fit, try your winter shoes on later in the day and try them on with the socks you will wear them with. Wool socks are a great choice because the natural fibres let your feet breathe, wick away moisture, and will still keep your feet warm if they get wet.

Many types of foot pain are caused by cramped toes so make sure your toes fit comfortably in your winter shoes. Shoes should not need to be broken in to feel comfortable. Don’t count on your boots fitting you better over time. In fact, overtime cramped shoes can exacerbate conditions that need more serious treatment, like bunion surgery. If you are already experiencing foot pain or need a consultation about any foot problems you may have including heel pain, nail fungus, bunions, and toe pain, please contact Vancouver podiatrists Dr. Roy Mathews DPM or Dr. Victor Quintoro DPM  for a consultation. No referral is necessary.  You can contact us here.

Published on:November 26, 2014
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